The old Kvernes museum

The old Kvernes museum is on of the largest and most visited in the entire county and hosts as much as eleven old houses with a collection of 10 000 items beyond the walls.

The main yard of the museum is formed just like the coastal area like it was during the 17 and 18th hundred. Here you will find houses, store houses and other buildings from different periods of time. With its own sea department, a fishing cabin and multiple boat houses, the life of both the coastal culture and the fisherman's life is well represented.

The museum does a lot of events throughout the year, displaying everything from food and traditions to handicrafts and activities in order to set the spotlight on these important factors of the area. On the last weekend in July the museum also hosts the Olsokstevne with a lot of exciting activities and saltefeskballidag which is very popular.

Visit the webpage for the museum here to find out about opening hours.