About us

Sveggvika guesthouse is located on the idyllic island Averøy at the coast of Nordmøre where Kristiansund is the biggest city. The guesthouse is a restored haberdine (salted and dried cod) factory from beginning of the 1900. The guesthouse is lying right by the edge of the seawater, providing its guests with a fantastic view whichever way one might look. While renovating the rooms, we were careful not to strip them for their rustic charm, keeping it as authentic as possible and making a place where the stories from the olden days can be told and appreciated in a new way. The guesthouse has 11 authentical studio apartments with a bed capacity for 42 persons. None of the studios are identical.

The nature here gives you the opportunity to take part in a lot of different outdoor activities both out on the sea and by the mountains nearby. This is truly the ideal place for boat rides, fishing, kayaking, diving, hikes, visiting multiple tourist attractions and not to mention – learning about the prior history of the place.
The nearest town is Kristiansund which lies about 10 km away. The bridges on the Atlantic road is only 25 minutes away from Sveggvika and if you want to go to the airport this is nothing more than a 15 minute ride.

Sveggvika guesthouse is also the perfect spot for relaxation, providing you with a place where you can enjoy nature and a quiet atmosphere. Sveggvika is also a good base for hikes. For instance you have Molde, Geirangerfjorden and Trollstigen which can all be visited by car in the matter of a day. If you want to get out on the sea, you can also sign up for sea fishing, both with or without a guide to the closed down fishing village on the Island Grip.

What we offer

Hiking opportunities
Climbing opportunities
Fishing, both salt and fresh water
Sea activities in general
Calm and quiet
Nature experiences
Shower in room
Free parking
Local food
Electric car charger
Hair dryer
Sveggvika Gjestehus yoga and wellnessSveggvika Gjestehus