Tales of the old viking age at Bremsnes

Bremnes farm is said to be the seat/throne to the former chief of a tribe for more than 1500 years. Legend has it that Harald Hårfagre himself had the seat before giving it to his friend Ragnvald Mørejarl.

You can often find stone circles within the larger farms. How many stones the circle consists of will vary, but usually there will be uneven numbers such as seven or nine. These stone circles were often called dream circles and were used to settle sentences, settlements and such. It has been said that Harald the king had a bet going with Ragnvald Mørjarl where he was not to shave his head or bead until all of Norway had been gathered to one united kingdom. The king stayed true to his words and it was not before after the battle of Hafrsfjord in year 872 after Christ, that he returned to Bremsnes. The famous haircut did apparently happen in this stone church, which is also still here today. The stone church is located in a meadow right by the highway near the old ferry port.

This is a fun excursion for both children and adults, and especially if you have an interest for the viking age.