The tallest mountain in Averøy

There are several pathways leading up to the mountain that is well established, resulting in a quite comfortable hike despite the trail being steep. The mountain lies 751 mt and offers a spectacular view whichever direction you look, specially the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) that lies there in its magnificence. The southern trail takes you through a spruce forest until you reach the small river Morkaelva that runs down from the small lake Litlvatnet. From there you have to cross the river and follow the path up alongside the mountain ridge all the way towards the top of rock fall Steinkorga. At this point the trail flattens out before you can embark on the last climb up towards Meekknoken. The hike is approximately 3,5 km each way.

The second trail is from the Northern side of the mountain and goes over the summer pasture Nekstadsetra and up the western side of the mountain and is about 9,6 km.

The third trail is the longest and you will start at Kornstadkleiva 187 mt and up to Gulltanna 591 mt. Then down traverese in a valley into the path leading up to Meekknoken from West.