Kvernes stave church

Kvernes stave church is one of the country’s most recently built stave churches. Reaserch from 2020 unveiled that the church was built in the periode 1631-1633, much later than earlier dated (1300). It is now one of few churches after the reform from Catholicism to the Protestants of Martin Luther.  The two churches at Kvernes act as our witness for the last 700 years of our past. Archaeological studies has shown that there used to be a smaller wooden church in addition to the stave churches.

All year for booked groups and mid June-late August FIT

Experienced guides in English and German. In addition, the church canoffer guide scripts in several languages.The guide meets the group at the bus and welcome visitors in their own costumes.

30-60 minutes tour.

Includes a guided tour of the church as well as time for photos inside and outside. 60 minutes includes in addition folk music that must be ordered in advance at an additional cost. Other arrangements can also be adapted.

Large parking space and toilet. In winter, the church is lit up with candles and cushions to sit on and blankets are available to keep warm.

Cultural area with several paths, museum

Contact: Ann-Kristin Sørvik, phone +47 951 81 111

Mail: stavkirkenikvernes@gmail.com