There are several hiking possibilities in Averøy and almost on all the peaks you will see the Atlantic Road in the horizon when you are looking at the ocean. In the opposite sides you will either see the deep fjords or the tall mountains. The highest mountain in Averøy is 751 meters (2464 fets) above sea level. You will also see mountains up to 2000 meters.

Our experience when we say "that's an easy hike" we have heard that: An easy Norwegian hike is more advanced for us that is not used to hike in deep mountains. Anyway we promise that we also have "easy hikes" that is on a level that everybody can do. We have mountain guiding experience and we will find any suitable for you according to your level of experience.

We recommend to use this website www.morotur.no to find inspiration and suitable trips. The webpage has a lot of useful maps and categorized the hikes into the level of challenge that is wanted. Let it be noted that the english translation has less trips than the norwegian one, because not all the trips are translated into english.