Grip the fishing village

Located in the middle of the ocean gap, 12 km north west of Kristiansand, you find the idyllic fishing village Grip. Already during the middle age, Grips was a known fishing village and is believed to be the oldest township in Nordmøre. Fishers traveling to Nordmøre were sent to Grip in the spring during the cod fishing season. In addition to the famous cod fishing, there was also a lot of dried cuttlefish at Grip.

Today the island has no permanent residents, but all of the stunning houses are well preserved and are used as free time houses. The stave church in Grip has been there since around 1470 and is for many a main attraction itself. During the summer there are daily tours, 2 in July, which include visiting the church with a guide and a boat house with an exhibition. There is also a cafe that serves food and drinks during the summer.

Grip lighthouse lies a few meters north of the island and was built in 1888. The lighthouse has a height of 44 meters and is a known and beloved mark for thousands of ships. Why not embark on a one day trip to Grip and enjoy some of the quiet and the old scenery?

From the pier in the harbour of Kristiansund you can take the passangerferry out to Grip. The round trip takes 3,5 hours. The boat ride takes about 35 minutes. From Sveggvika it takes about 15 minutes by car to the parking lot next to the pier. You might need some minutes to park the car.

We recommend to pre book tickets, the boat might be full in the high season. To read more departures and to boy tickets