hikiningThe highest mountain on Averøya island is named Mekknøken (751m). Its a coastal mountain and offers excellent views toward the mighty Trollheimen, Sunndalsfjella and Romsdalsfjella mountain ranges and of course everything west of these ranges.

Mekknøken is an easy mountain to reach and there are several routes to the top. You also have the option to visit the neighbour tops Fagerfjellet (634m) / Holstuva (626m).

Other hiking trails are found in many places in Averøy. Take a 2-3 hour tour by foot or by bike from Sveggvika through Sveggensundet village. There you will find the memorial for the ships “Irma” and “Henry” and a great view of the ocean.

BIKE RENTAL FROM SVEGGVIKA: 125 NOK/day (we have 4 bikes)

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